5 Minute Organization - The Fridge

May 29, 2015

People ask me all the time how I stay so organized. My friends are always stunned when they get a peek inside a random cabinet and they find everything is labeled, from containers to the shelves themselves. I'm not OCD about any of this, things in my house get thrown around and misplaced, then eventually get put back where they belong. And that's ok. A home should be warm, comfortable and lived in, not stuffy and with the precise arrangments of a museum. Although I pride myself on neatness, I also understand that life is messy and everyone is looking for ways to keep their homes and work spaces orderly without compromising their day. This section of my blog will be dedicated to just that. The 5 Minute Organization series will be - you guess it! -  5 minute organization tips that I use in specific places around my home to maintain order and neatness.


As far as my kitchen and fridge go, I like to see what I have without actually opening anything. I also hate wasting food. And most importantly, I hate complicated methods of organization. Because of the aforementioned issues listed above, labels have become a reoccurring element in every aspect of my home. I've thought about using those beautiful stick-on lables from Martha Stewart, as well as envelope lables from office supply stores but they're both expensive and wasteful since the label would be coming off when the containers get washed. After much deliberation (but mostly because I had a ton of it lying around when my husband and I finished painting our house), I came to the conclusion that masking tape is the ideal all-purpose label. Combined with a fine tip Sharpie and durable containers, you have yourself a fool-proof way to keep your fridge neat and organized. I always keep a nice fat roll of masking tape in my kitchen drawer, along with its best friend Sharpie, and we get to work right after dinner each night. 


Let me run you through the "post-dinner clean up" part of my day so you can fully grasp how crazy easy this is. I take all of the leftovers from dinner out of their respective pots and pans (I usually make enough for leftovers the following day to put into my husbands lunch or save for dinner if I'm strapped for time). The pots and pans go in the sink for scrubbing and all the delicious food gets its own container. A side note on this: sometimes I have one or two pieces of grilled chicken leftover and unless I plan to add it along to something else for lunch the next day, I usually will drop it into a ziploc bag so I don't have a tiny container to wash later. Anyway, after all my leftovers have been "contained" (lol) I write everything I have on the masking tape and rip and stick accordingly. There! Now no one has to go asking "Do we have anything to eat?" and the fridge looks nice and neat. 


Stuff you need:


- Masking tape

- Sharpie

- Food safe (and fridge safe) containers





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