How I Got Started

May 29, 2015


I am a marketing shrub. As in, there's not much to harvest but the potential is definitely there. Poetic, I know. I majored in mass communications in college and took a bunch of journalism and business classes. They taught me how to interview, write, edit, contextualize, and draft ideas for the public. But none of these courses explained in any clear way how to create something new or envision an idea never thought of. I find myself curious and enthralled with people who can make something out of nothing, who can take simple concepts and manipulate them into glorious works of art. So this blog will, in essence, be an experiment in discovering and manuevering the myriad paths of finding vision in the digital world. 


I have been looking for a job that will help me learn the trade, so to speak, but it's proven difficult to find someone to teach me. So I will do what my husband always does, and teach myself. I've pursued websites like Neil Patel's "QuickSprout" and Seth Goden's blog "OK Dorks" and I've found both very helpful. But without a space to test these concepts their advice becomes purely theoretical. 


In an age where everything has become digital, from friendships to education to parenting and finding a job, social media is the base line with which we measure our relevance in the world. We make our friends through Facebook, take university courses online, refer to parenting blogs for help on how to deal with a crazy 3 year old, and network with potential employers through LinkedIn. Without social media savvy you're basically stuck under a rock with nothing but your MySpace page to keep you compnay. If you're like me and never got into the social media hype, you will needto dedicate some time and effort to becoming socially aware. That is what I intend to do. My brother, who is as tech savvy and creative as one can be (at least in my opinion), dumped some wisdom on me: there has never been an easier time to make something out nothing. As in, if you have an idea that you think is good, there are countless ways to spread it, make it, build on it and eventually make it turn a dollar. So my plan is to test and retest this concept by doing what I know. And because passion is such a huge factor in the continuation of any idea, I will also make sure that doing what I know will conincide with doing what I love.


Let me make this wordy story short by saying: Welcome to my blog!


Let's see what happens in this journey of self-actualization. 

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