Quick Command Center - 5 Minute Organization

June 9, 2015

Unless you have an incredible memory for dates and important events, having a functional command center is crucial to maintaining sanity at home. I have an atrocious memory so it's very necessary that I write everything down and have special spots for important or time sensitive material. In my home, I have two command centers that I use to organize schedules, important dates, school events, meals, to do lists, and much much more. The reason I have two centers is because they have two very different functions, and consolidating them into one large area would, from my design perpective, look too overwhelming on a single wall.  


The center pictured below is where I keep to-do lists, recreational and sports activity information for the kids, relevent coupons and business cards and monthly school newsletters. I've also made this space a housing area for some of my doodling supplies, such as white board markers, colored pencils and colorful sharpies (more on that later). This area is a catch-all for less-important-but-still-relevant information that needs attention. I go through it on a biweekly basis and discard items that I've already dealt with or no longer need, thereby keeping the area minimal and neat. 

 The second command center I've affixed in a high-traffic zone in my kitchen. Don't let the simplicity  of this area fool you, this is by far the most important comand center of the two. This area is made up of two parts and they both have specific roles: the calendar is used to jot down all important dates and events including weekly practices and get togethers with friends. The sheet protectors I've taped alongside the calendar act as school event holders for each of my kids schools.


Let me walk you through each section in more detail. This calendar is my lifesaver and I've been using it for the past four years, it comes with cute stickers (I have yet to finish an entire sheet), giant sections for writing (and doodling) in and a nifty little area to write down the evenings' dinner menu if you're so inclined, I have become so accustomed to writing things down on the calendar that my family has followed suit, and will jot in important dates themselves so we don't overschedule or forget an event. The sheet protectors are a cheap and easy solution to keeping the details of school events in view, such as field trips and classroom parties. After I write down the pertinent information of the event, I keep the flyer or notice from the school in the sheet protector so I don't waste space or cram information on the calendar. 


As far as the doodling goes, I must admit it's a habit i've had from childhood. I've always loved to draw, to make something pop or pretty and the habit has never left me. In fact this is one thing I take time out to do when I'm feeling flustered - I grab my colored pencils and outline important events and color them in, and for extra interest I usually doodle a little drawing relevent to the event itself: a cupcake for a classroom party, balloons for a birthday, a lantern for the beginning of Ramadhaan (the fasting month). Doodling soothes me and I love the effect that a colorful calendar has in my kitchen.

The process of both command centers is quite simple, but very effective. I like to keep things uncomplicated and I really don't like wasting money on fancy organizing equipment or tools. My advice for organizing your command center space is to purchase one or two items that have multiple purposes.


For example, the black framed mail organizer has several components that can be used simultaneously: magnetic white board, mail slots, cork board, and key holder, and I've used every single component to fit my needs. The calendar is held up with a command hook and sheet protectors are taped aside it, making this little project cheap and easy.


Find what you need to make your command center easy and convenient for your family to use, and if you can't find ready-made options that work for you then put something together yourself for a perfectly custom solution. 


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