Ramadan Lantern Craft

July 1, 2015

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on the lantern craft my kids and I recently made. Enjoy!


Materials used:

* Several sheets of solid and patterned paper

* Jars of varying widths

* Scissors/paper cutter

* Heavy tape - we used packing tape

* Stick on jewels


1. Pick your paper. I have a Costco-sized amount of scrapbook paper that was put to very good use in this craft. Have several sheets of solid and patterned paper available - once the kids got a hang of making these they were making them on their own. Needless to say we have about 20 now scattered all over the house. 


 2. Roll a solid sheet of paper around a jar of the width you want your lantern, and tape. 

 3. Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut a strip off of the patterned paper - about 1-1.5" to use for the handle. Cut a bit more if you want a really thick band around the edges of your lantern.

 4. Fold the cut sheet in half lengthwise.

 5. Cut strips along the the folded edge, making sure not to cut all the way through.

 6. Wrap the patterned and cut sheet around the existing roll of solid paper. Tip: It's easier to do this if your solid sheet is still wrapped around the jar, the weight of the jar will keep it from falling over. 

 7. Push the top and bottom of the patterned sheet together to reveal the "lantern" and tape. It should look like this:

 8. Add the handle to the top, taping on the inside. Stick on your jewels and you're done!

 My kids really enjoyed this craft. It was quick, straightforward and fun. Matching (and mismatching) colors gave the lanterns interest and depth. Hope you try it yourself!


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