How to Organize Your Child's Daily (School) Routine

September 10, 2015


It's that time of year again! You've done the back-to-school shopping, bought new shoes for little pairs of feet, readied the backpacks, and those of you with kindergardeners have cracked open a new box of tissues in preparation for the dreaded teary morning goodbye.


But pretty soon your little angel will be lugging home mounds of homework, craft project deadlines, book report reminders, and science fair prep lists.


You're going to be asked to juggle all these activites while getting breakfast, lunch and dinner ready along with the other 1001 tasks you must accomplish before hitting the bed tonight. How will you do it? 


That's how I felt the day before school started. Wondering (and kind of freaking out) about how I would help my kids manage their many daily tasks without compromising mine.


Lightbulb! What I needed was a daily schedule that my kids could reference to keep us all on track.





I made mine using Word and pasted in clock times to indicate the hours and also help further hone their time-telling skills.


Then I drew in pictures for each time slot next to the task to add some fun and interest to the schedule.





I really like to doodle, and I never miss an opportunity to take out my drawing pens and go nuts. If drawing is not your thing, feel free to drop in cute Clip Art images or pictures from Google that you like.



Both kids have basically the same schedule and simillar tasks, but I thought it was important to have two separate schedules anyway because my kids love when things are customised. 


After everything was drawn and colored in, I made second copies so that one set could be kept in their room and one near the kitchen where everyone can see it.


Then I laminated everything and put them in reaching height so my kids could mark off finished tasks with a white board marker. The marks erase right off to be used again the next day.




So far this schedule is working flawlessly, and my kids are becoming accustomed to ticking off tasks on their own. 


Of course there's always room for improvement, but for now our new schedule is helping everyone to stay on track and on time. 


Here's a printable to help you plan your kids routines. You can edit this as much as you like to meet your family's needs.


Kid's School Schedule


How do you keep your kids' days organized? 



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