Lunch Box Meal Prep - 3 Creative Meals for Your Freezer Stash in Under 1 Hour

September 14, 2015


It's only been two weeks since my kids started school and we're already in a lunch box rut. They ask me for the same darn thing practically everyday: turkey sandwiches on hawaiian sweet rolls. Granted they are delicious but I worry their lack of lunch box variety is slowly going to bore me to death. To combat such imminent boredom I decided to up my game this year by making my kids food irresistably cute and yummy. I have girls, so everything is better when it's cute. 



Some things I took into account when I began my lunch box meal prep:


1. My kids don't get a whole lot of time for snack recess and lunch so their food has to be simple and not require a lot of time to eat.

2. Kids tend to eat more when they have smaller portions.

3. Kids also eat better when there is lots of variety.

4. Organizing food into smaller compartments makes a lunch box look more appealing and cute


Keeping these points in mind, I decided to make some freezer lunch box meals that were small in size, easily interchangeable, and fun to eat. 



Sunday morning I began my meal prep for three different lunch box meals. Here's what's on the menu:

1. Mini corn dog muffins

2. Puff pastry triangles

3. Pinwheel pizzas


Click links for recipes.



Here's how I plan on boxing these babies up:


Mini corn dog muffins + baby carrots + ranch dressing dip + animal crackers

Mini corn dog muffins + ketchup dipper + vanilla yogurt w/ mini chocolate chips + cut strawberries

Mini corn dog muffins + ranch dressing dip + cucumber wedges + cheerios "bracelet" strung on twine 


Pinwheel pizzas + drinkable yogurt + grapes + Annies bunnies crackers

Pinwheel pizzas + cut cantaloupe + whole black olives + graham crackers

Pinwheel pizzas + cucumber wedges + ranch dressing dip + fruit and cereal bar


Puff pastry triangles + sour cream dipper + cut strawberries + cheese cubes

Puff pastry triangles + cheese stick + trail mix + apple slices + drinkable yogurt 

Puff pastry triangles + celery wedges w/ peanut butter + cut cantaloupe + raisins


Some organizational tools for packing lunches:




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