Days of Dhull Hijjah for Kids: Day 1-Passport to Hajj

September 16, 2015


The first ten days of our sacred month, Dhull Hijjah are upon us. And with that begins one of the most life-changing journeys in a Muslim's life: the consecration of Hajj. The beauty and richness of Hajj can be difficult for young children to understand, but that doesn't mean we can't find ways to teach them about its many virtues.


Over the next ten days my family and I will be discussing various concepts of Hajj to help our children begin to appreciate the history of this beautiful tradition. We will incorporate crafts, tell stories, learn about the steps of Hajj, practice good manners and encourage good deeds to bring us closer to Allah.


Today my girls and I discussed what Hajj is and who goes to Hajj. We talked briefly about Prophet Ibrahim (whose story will further unfold over these next days), and watched a live feed from Mecca of people perfoming Tawaf around the Kabah.


Here's a link to the feed, it's absolutely breathtaking. 


This led to a discussion of what it would be like to go to Hajj, which tied in well with today's craft.


We'll pretend we're going to Hajj too. Let's make a passport!


*Feel free to edit the template as you like: edit the text, change the cover photo, add another border, etc. Make it your own.*


Materials needed:

- Double sided scrapbook paper (you can also glue two different colors of construction paper back to back

- Passport template (with picture of your child and blank spaces filled in)

- Glue

- Crayons/color pencils

- Scissors


1. Have your child color in the globe on page 1 of the template.


2. Trim your tamplates so you have about 1/4" margin from the borderline. 


3. Glue your templates to your scrapbook or construction paper.


4. Trim the scrapbook or construction paper so there is a 1/4" colored border peeking through.


5. Fold over the larger piece where your child's picture is.


6. Glue the passport "cover" to the front.




While making this craft it's a good idea to talk to your child about Hajj, where the Kabah is and why it is so special. Make it a kid-friendly conversation, and leave lots of room for curious questions.


Remember, you as a parent are your child's number one resource for instilling the love of Islam in their hearts. 


Hope you enjoy.

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