Days of Dhull Hijjah for Kids: Day 3 - My Hajj Map

September 18, 2015

We kicked off today's Hajj lesson by learning about the steps of Hajj, and a brief description of what happens in each holy area. 


There are several online images that can help us visualize the process, there are some examples of what we used below. I have not yet been blessed with the opportunity to go to Hajj, so these maps were a great learning experience for me as well. 


Map 1:


Map 2:


Map 3:


They all vary in specificity, so use what details are best for your child's age. After we looked at and talked about the steps of making hajj, we made our own maps. 


This is a great printable for kids.


Here's what you need:

- Hajj map printable

- Tape / glue

- Scissors

- Crayons


You can get really fancy with this map and print it on colored paper to look old and authentic. Then color, cut and laminate the map and the dotted cut-out pieces individually and use velcro with adhesive backing or small magnets to make the entire map interactive and reusable. 



However, I like simple crafts that don't require a lot of time or patience from my little ones. I have learned from experience that: Hours of laminating and prepping crafts for kids does not equal the appreciation of effort involved in said craft from the little ones who will soon be ripping your work of art to pieces. And anyway, by the time I laminate everything my kids would have forgotten what we were doing!



Moving on! I had the girls color and cut out everything and tape the map pieces together. Then I gave them a little pop quiz to check their retention while they glued all the steps in place. 


It's really important to review and discuss new information on a daily basis because it helps kids (and adults!) remember and retain what they've learned.




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