Days of Dhull Hijjah for Kids: Day 4 - 3D Kabah Craft + The Story of Ibrahim (AS)

September 30, 2015

I'm a little behind on my regular "Dhull Hijjah for Kids" posts... Eid was last week. *Insert sheepish grin here* 


So after a stressful weekend, two sick kids (who graciously passed on their sneezing fits to me), and a fun-filled Eid, I am back with more ideas to share! 


With all the hubbub, we kept on crafting because... well, how else do you keep little ones from fighting with each other ALL DAY?


Here's an educational (and fun) 3D Kabah craft that my kids really enjoyed making.


We filled our Kabah with numbered scrolls containing the story of Prophet Ibrahim. The kids took out the scrolls in order and read the story themselves or had a parent read it to them. 


Keep this little Kabah out and within easy reach so kids can re-visit the beautiful story of Ibrahim and our Hajj traditions whenever they want. 






* 1 cube shaped shipping box (or an empty cube shaped tissue box works just as well)

* 5-6 sheets of black contruction paper

* 1 sheet of yellow contruction paper

* cardboard

* gold glitter

* Story of Ibrahim (AS), printed

* ribbon (optional)

* marker

* pencil 

* scissors

* glue

* heavy duty tape (if you're using a shipping box)


1. With a pencil, trace out each side of your box (including the top and bottom) onto a sheet of black construction paper, and cut out. 


2. Glue the paper to each side of the box and the bottom, leaving the top aside.


3. Remove the plastic from the inside top of your tissue box (if using). Or if using a shipping container, remove one set of flaps and cut out a square hole from the other two flaps, then secure these flaps together with heavy duty tape. 


4. Trim the black constuction paper around the hole, or fold flaps of paper under the hole and secure with glue or tape. 


5. Take your cardboard and trace the width of your box to create four even strips, then cut along the lines. This will become the gold edging of your Kabah.  


6. Taking your cardboard again, make a rectangle that will fit neatly on one side of the box. This will serve as the Kabah's door.


7. Glue all five cardboard pieces onto your yellow sheet of construction paper and trim neatly.


8. Taking your Kabah's door (now a yellow rectangle), trace it onto a black sheet of contruction paper. Then hand draw an inverted V-shape to mimic the beautiful black curtain in front of the Kabah's door. Cut neatly. 


9. Lay all your cardboard pieces with the colors facing up and apply a thin coat of glue. You can also write out Arabic letters or make wavy designs if you are so inclined. Working quickly before the glue dries, generously sprinkle gold glitter all over the top and let it set for a few minutes. 


10. Shake off the excess glitter and glue the black construction paper "curtain" on top of the yellow "door".


11. Glue all the cardboard pieces into place. 


12. Roll up the Story of Ibrahim (AS) print-outs and secure them closed with a piece of tape or ribbon. Mark the top of each scroll so the story can be read in order.




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