5 Minute Organization: Fridge Shelves & Drawers

October 15, 2015

I think I've organized and then reorganized my fridge about a hundred times. As a self-proclaimed neat freak I'm always looking for things that will help me organize, categorize, or label small spaces around my home because these tiny areas always invite clutter.



When I was at Costco a while back (if you squealed at the mention of "Costco", we are going to get along swimmingly #CostcoAddict), I found a set of great fridge organizers for around $20 and I didn't get them. Of course when I went back the following week they were all gone... typical. So when I came across this set of clear drawer organizers for less than $10 I said, "I can use these in the fridge!". No really, I said it out loud in the middle of the aisle. And I didn't have my kids with me to fake a I-was-talking-to-them face. That's how excited I get about organizing. 


These drawer organizers are really great, and for the price you can get yourself a couple and use them all over the house. 


For this post I wanted to show you how I used them in my fridge to keep small foood items neat and handy. 


I have sections in my fridge for specific food groups that require quick access for lunches, or snacks: cheeses, kids yogurts, deli meat, tortillas/wraps. So I used these containers specifically for small items that can look cluttered. 


                                             Here's what my fridge drawer looked like before:

It was relatively neat but the items moved around a lot when the drawer was opened and closed, so in a couple of days everything got jumbled up. In addition, I couldn't easily see what I had in the cheese section resulting in things spoiling before they finished.


                                                                                 And after:


             I also reshelved the kids yogurts and a few other dairy items that I keep in a narrow shelf:

This worked out great because I could take out the organizer, pull out what I needed and pop it back on the shled without anything else getting disturbed. 


I was at my local Costco earlier this week and I saw this little set was just restocked, so I would urge you to check it out the next time you're picking up some groceries. But if you can't find it, or if your Costco doesn't carry it, check out discount retailers like Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx for a similar set. 


Happy Organizing!

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