Lunchbox Inspiration Roundup: Days 1-10

October 20, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you have probably seen my daily "Lunchbox Inspiration" posts where I snap photos of what my kiddos are munching on at school.


I love making lunches for my kids because it combines two things I'm kinda crazy about: organization and food! I try to keep things interesting by giving them something a little different everyday because it encourages them to try new foods and keeps my creative juices flowing. The meals I make take no longer than 10 minutes of prep/cook time (not including the "Freezer meals" which need to made ahead of time), while the kids are eating their breakfast. Then I pack 'em, snap a pic, and send them on their merry way. 


I thought I should have a reference point to direct people when I'm asked for previous photos of my kids' lunches so I'll be posting them here at 10 day intervals. Hope you enjoy!



Day 1:


Cat-shapes peanut butter and honey sandwiches + cheese cubes + orange slices.
















Day 2:


Pizza pinwheels + cucumber wedges + ranch dressing dipper.















Day 3:


Pesto pasta with black olives and bell peppers + cut strawberries + graham crackers.


(Fork on the side)









Day 4:


Tuna sandwiches on Hawaiian sweet rolls + muenster cheese stars + black olives + cut strawberries.




















Day 5:


Turkey rolls-ups with cream cheese, shredded carrot and slices cucumber + popcorn + orange wedges + mustard dipper.




















Day 6:


Breakfast for lunch - Mini pancakes + cut strawberries + boiled egg.


(Not shown: Drinkable yogurt)



















Day 7:


Puff pastry triangles from my freezer stash (recipe here) + watermelon stars + chocolate flavor Annie's bunnies.




















Day 8:


Tuna sandwich with elephant cut-out + Cheerios "bracelet" strung on kitchen twine + sliced cucumbers.
















Day 9:


DIY "Lunchables" - crackers + star-shaped turkey slices + colby jack cheese + strawberries.

















Day 10:


Hot dog roll-ups + colorful carrot sticks + grapes + ketchup dipper.
















Stay tuned for Round 2 of my "Lunchbox Inspirations"...


Happy lunching!

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