Lunchbox Inspiration Roundup Part II: Days 11-20

October 27, 2015

Here's part two of my "Lunchbox Inspirations". Remember to follow me on Facebook @ Sumaiya Rumaan, Instagram #sumidoomi, and Twitter #sumidoomi, for daily lunchbox posts. 



 Day 11:


Cheese quesadilla + homemade mini meatballs + apple slices + graham crackers.
















Day 12:


Homemade pizza (from my freezer stash) + apple wedges + peanut butter dipper.















Day 13:


Turkey sandwiches on Hawaiian sweet rolls (their fave) + cucumber flowers + fresh rasberries.


(Not shown: Dark chocolate and sea salt Kind bar for big sister and drinkable yogurt for the little one).











Day 14:


Fried egg with naan bread + cucumber spears + grapes + ranch dressing dipper.















Day 15:


Boiled egg +crackers + cheese cubes + rolled up turkey + baby carrots.


(On the side: drinkable yogurt).













Day 16:


Pasta salad with sweet corn + rotisserie chicken breast + cucumber flowers + strawberry and grape fruit salad.















Day 17:


DIY Taco Pizza - Toasted sandwich thins + pizza sauce dipper + shredded mozzarella cheese dipper + shredded taco chicken + apple slices. 














Day 18:


Koobideh (Persian minced meat kabab leftover from last night's dinner)  on Hawaiian sweet rolls + Cheerios "bracelet" strung on kitchen twine + baby carrots + mixed unsalted cashews and pistachios (in colorful tube).












Day 19:


Turkey "sushi" with cream cheese and shredded carrot + fresh strawberries + ceral bar (unwrapped and cut in half). 















Day 20:


Egg salad with mayo and a little mustard + homemade baked pita chips + apple chunks.


(Not shown: drinkable yogurt).












Stay tuned for my next "Lunchbox Inspiration" roundup!


Until then, happy lunching!


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