Easy Under-The-Kitchen-Sink Storage Ideas In 30 minutes Or Less

November 2, 2015

Let's face it: under-the-sink cabinets are a wasteland for whatever lives in them. Cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, and trash bags all get tossed one on top of another until we can't find what we're looking for and are forced to buy suppies all over again... only to find them again soon after!


We waste so much time and money re-purchasing these "lost" products while ignoring the root of the problem: an unorganized space. 


My under-the-sink cabinet was just awful. I had a few organizing tools that turned out to be much too big for such a small area, and I wasn't able to see what I had in the back so I looked for things on my hands and knees. If you have to do the same thing several times a day to find what's needed, it's likely your messy cabinet needs a makeover like mine did!


Don't worry, it's not hard! All you need are a few supplies and about 30 minutes of time and you'll be admiring a beautifully neat space where all your supplies can live happily. 


Let's get started!


1. Take everything out and figure out what you have, and what you don't need.

Place items in like categories, such as: everyday cleaning, refills, brushes/sponges/scrubbies, dishwashing, air fresheners, furniture and silver polish, etc.



2. Gather your organizing supplies! 

I've placed a dollar sign ($) next to supplies that can be found at the Dollar Store and an asterisk (*) next to items that are optional splurges which will help further organize your space.


Wire racks - I found mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond. These are great because they help you maximize the vertical space most under-the-sink cabinets usually have.


Foldable fabric drawer - This is a great dollar store find! They are usually near the hardware section and come in seasonal colors and varying sizes. The shallowest drawer fits perfectly under these wire shelves.


Plastic container w/ lid - Another great dollar store find! They had three different sizes (S, M, L) and I found the medium size works perfectly for my dishwasher tabs, which need to stay dry so they don't dissolve.


Plastic buckets - Dollar store again! I used three to house some smaller supplies, which I will explain more about below. 


Labels - These are so easy to find nowadays. Look for them at the dollar store or the dollar section at Target. They are great for showing what's inside a container and add a touch of chic. 


Over-the-door basket - Use the space on the inside of your cabinet doors to create efficiency. You can do this with a couple of command hooks and an inexpensive narrow plastic basket. I consider this particular basket a splurgy item (about $15 at BB&B) but well worth the price for its functionality. I used it to house all my everyday cleaning supplies, which are now easily accessible.


Turntable - This was a cool discovery. I have several large refill bottles of cleaning solutions that I always found difficult to access, but with a turntable nothing gets lost in the back, and everything is easy to find and grab when needed. 



3. Do a dry run. 

After you've decided what organizational supplies you need, lay them out (empty) inside the cabinet to see how they fit and configure them accordingly.


4. Put small items together in like categories.

Place these items in buckets and drawers and label accordingly. 



Here are some more examples...


5. Use clever solutions to maximize space on the interior of your cabinet doors. 

Use a hanging basket on one side to hold everyday cleaning supplies so they're easily accessible. On the other side use a small binder clip to hold together your dishwashing gloves and hang them on a small Command hook. Easy!


Extra tidbits:

* Use a drawer liner or another liner specific to underneath your sink to cover the bottom of your cabinet. This will help protect the wood from leaks and stains. Find one in a pretty pattern for some extra Oomph! 




Now stand back and admire your beautiful (and neat!) under-the-kitchen-sink cabinet. Or better yet, park yourself cross-legged in front of it (for better viewing) and grab a latte. You might be there a while. ;) 


Happy Organizing!




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