5 Minute Organization: Beauty Essentials

November 12, 2015

I don't know about you, but my makeup and skincare products are out of control! I wanted something that could sit atop my dresser to serve as an organizer for my everyday makeup and skincare but when I started researching options I mostly came up with those clear acrylic boxes that are so popular right now. They're pretty containers for beauty products because they make everything inside easy to see, but on the other hand they can look really cluttered. 


I found this little gem in the clearance section at Marshall's for less than $10 but it was a little banged up: nicked off paint in several places and a broken inner drawer piece. On the plus side though it had a TON of function with drawers and hidey holes, and the color was just beautiful. It's meant to be used as a desktop organizer, but I knew it would be perfect for beauty essentials. And because I've been eyeing it for a while, I also knew it was originally selling for $25. Did I want it? Umm, yeah! 



With my new organizing toy in my arms I headed to Michael's to find matching paint - Craft Smart Satin Acrylic Paint in Aqua - a perfect match and only .69 cents! I touched up the necessary areas and hot glued the broken drawer stopper and it was ready to be filled. 


I broke up the top into sections for the things I use regularly.



The drawers I used for items that don't stack neatly. The left drawer holds face and brow products and the right holds concealers, cheek and lip products and a couple beauty blenders. 



I love the profile on this, it's large enough for the essentials but small enough to not overwhelm my dresser top.



When you're looking to organize a space, remember that many products can have multiple functions. You don't have to use them according to how they're marketed, instead look for function, beauty and a good deal!


Happy Organizing!



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