Lunchbox Inspiration Roundup Part III: Days 21-30

November 13, 2015

Here's round 3 of my "Lunchbox Inspirations".


Do you have a go-to school lunch that your kids love? Comment below and share your lunchbox inspirations!


Happy Lunching!



Day 21:


Chicken tortilla wrap with rotisserie chicken, mayo and mashed avocado + grapes + baby carrots + Annie's chocolate chip flavored bunnies.















Day 22:


Pressed grilled cheese triangles + tomato & roasted red pepper soup (from Trader Joe's).
















Day 23:


Toad-in-the-hole (aka Eggy-in-the-basket) toast with hutterfly cutout + apple wedges + chocolate superfood cookies.















Day 24:


Mini cheese pizza + roasted and unsalted cashews + cut fig flavored ceral bar + cut cantaloupe.
















Day 25:


Naan bread wedges + kofta (minced meat with spices, leftover from last night's dinner) + creamy cheese wedge + apple and strawberry fruit salad. Not shown: fork.














Day 26:


Breakfast for lunch: Boiled and peeled egg + turkey bacon + toast cut-outs + cream cheese dipper + whole pear. Not shown: plastic butter knife.















Day 27:


BBQ chicken sandwich on a brioche bun (boiled, shredded chicken sauteed in BBQ sauce until thick) + grapes + potato chips.














Day 28:


Peanut butter and honey sandwich squares + cucumber flowers + colby jack cheese cubes.

















Day 29:


Chicken taquitos + Cutie oranges (peeled and quartered) + squeezable yogurt.















Day 30:


Penne pasta with marinara and parmesan + breaded chicken breast slices + grapes.












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