5 Minute Organization: Quick Fixes For The Bathroom

December 18, 2015

Although we have two large bathrooms, we have very limited counter space in them to house a whole lot of our stuff.  


Today I'll be sharing some things to help if you have limited counter space, a small bathroom, or just want to store your supplies without creating clutter.



Almost everyone has one of these over-the-door organizers. They're great to drop in bathroom supplies while keeping things off the floor and keeping clutter off countertops.



We've had this one for years but I wasn't able to find what I needed quickly enough to make this an efficient storage solution. 


So I did what I do with everything else: I labeled it. 



Tip: Add a "Try Me" pocket for all those teeny samples.



Shipping labels are easy to find at office supply stores, make sure you get ones with ties because stick-on labels don't work well with fabric. 



The next item that I use stores mine and my husband's everyday essentials.



This two-tiered sliding storage drawer is very handy for storing supplies that you need regularly. Everything is visible and easily accessible.



I popped in an acrylic organizer into the top drawer so small items wouldn't get lost or jumbled. 



Now our tiny bathroom counters are clutter-free but everything is still within easy access.

Easy Peasy!


Happy Organizing!



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