5 Minute Organization: The Bookshelf

February 19, 2016

I've been on an organizing kick for the small spaces around my home lately.


My bookshelf was in dire need of some TLC (not the TV channel, obviously). It was messy, disorganized, and seriously lacking appeal. So I gave it an overhaul, and I gotta tell you, I really love it.



We have a LOT of books. The ones you don't see here have been tucked away in an unused closet to be dealt with later. 


Here's a look at the "before"... Not pretty.




I basically looked at all of our books and knicknacks and categorized them into "needed" and "unneeded", then divided those into "pretty" and "not-so-pretty".


That's kind of shallow I know, but when you're re-organizing an open space you need to make sure it looks cohesive and beautiful.



Tip: Books in volumes almost always match, keeping them together will make your bookshelf more appealing. 


After that, I took all the books that passed and divided them into subject categories and gave each it's own shelf.


I don't have bookends so I stacked smaller books and paperbacks on top of eachother at the ends and middle to create makeshift bookends.


I left some empty spaces to give a place for the eye to rest, and filled them with one or two simple decorative items. 



Tip: Decor can also work as storage, and vice versa. These cute wooden crates are meant to hold bottles but they fit our DVD's really well. The chalkboard fronts are great for categorizing what's inside. 


The bookshelf was looking kind of short under our 9 ft. ceiling, so the long wooden frame on top gave it some height. (Pic below!)


I love cute and pudgey animal knicknacks (my kids think I have an addiction), so I added a small white bunny and a lovely scented candle to go with it. I think its adds some whimsy. 


I also think the fresh hydrangeas and the whie accents make this area look brighter and more inviting. 


So far, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. It's functional and pretty without being overly fussy. 



What small space do you want to tackle? 


Happy Organizing!


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