Organizing Everyday Spices

February 23, 2016


Hello, my name is Sumaiya and I'm a spice-aholic. I've been binge spicing for almost ten years and it's had an effect on my family... by way of delicious meals and scrumptious desserts. 


And no, I'm not sorry. 


If you're a spice-aholic like me then you probably have back-ups for your back-ups, some that are unpronounceable, others that are unrecognizable, and all of which are "totally necessary". 


You may even talk out loud while cooking. You know, so the make-believe camera crew can pick up all of your instructions for your make-believe masterpiece, which will soon be aired to your make-believe audience. That's normal right?


Whether you're a spice hoarder or have a just a few to organize, here's some tips that will keep them on hand and fresh for when you need them. 


1.  Mason jars - they keep spices really fresh. Especially the finicky Indian spices that can lose their aroma and flavor very quickly. Whether you buy the spices whole and grind them yourself or buy in them in packages, mason jars will lock in their freshness.


They're inexpensive too. I get mine from Smart & Final at a dozen for $10.



2.  S + P - I like open containers for salt and pepper, it's easy to grab and sprinkle. Mine are silicone "pinch" bowls that came in a set 4 at Smart & Final.


3.  Labels - if you can see what you have then you know what to use! Enough said.  



4.  Spice box - I really love my spice box. It's a near replica to the one my grandmother uses, and for good reason: it's compact, efficient and cute to boot!


I got this from Cost Plus World Market for about $10. And it's not just for Indian spices, use it for anything you use on a regular basis: granulated onion, garlic powder, paprika, dried herbs, etc. The lid is see through and keeps everything neat and tidy. 



5.  "Catch-all" container - This is for those bottles and spices that eat up precious cabinet space. Corral them all into a small square or rectangular organizer, and you can bring it down when you need it. 



All done! I hope some of these ideas were helpful, or at the very least, that my ramblings brought a smile to your face.


May all your spices live long and yummi-fy! Now, I have a make-believe cooking show I must get back to, my audience is waiting.  =)



Happy Organizing!

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