Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

March 28, 2016


Bathroom cabinets are one of those places where toiletries go to get buried. Sometimes they get resurrected but they're usually attached to something they shouldn't be with, like a sticky hairspray bottle or that gloopy blue stuff that cleans your toilets.


If my toiletries could star in a play it would probably be called: "Romeo & Juliet - The Bathroom Version (It's not dirty, it's like actually dirty)".


And yes, that's the tag line.


Now ifwere cast in that same play, I'd be Juliet's angry (and slightly OCD) father. Because hairspray and gloopy toilet cleaner WILL NOT be together. Ever. 


Que the dramatic music... And curtain fall. 


I'll stop my ramblings and move on to the point of this post: organizing your bathroom cabinets. 


Here we go!


I reorganized two cabinets in two seperate bathrooms for very different purposes. Let's begin with the kids bathroom which also serves as the guest bathroom when we have company over. 


We have ZERO counter space in this bathroom so I incorporated a free standing armoire against the wall to serve as housing for the girls' everyday things and guests' necessities. 




The top shelf houses our "Guest Basket", an idea I got from my friend Faiza when we stayed over one night. She's a very experienced hostess mA, so when I "Ooh-ed" and "Aah-ed" at her cleverness, she told me she had just grabbed a bunch of travel items from Target (like toothbrush/toothpaste duos, mouthwash, washcloths, soap, deoderant, etc.) and layed them out in basket. Hence, the term "Guest Basket". Genius!


It was beautifully presented in a wicker tray, and her thoughtfulness really made me, as a guest, feel most welcome. This was such a good idea that I decided to try it in my home as well. 


As I said before, I don't have a lot of counter space in the kids/guest bathroom so I found a basket I could fit inside the cabinet, where everything could be stored neatly inside and out of the way. 


The middle and bottom shelf baskets I found at the dollar spot in Target, and they house the blow dryer, hair accessories (clips, barettes, hair ties), lotions/sunblock, and hairbands, respectively.


If you have girls then you know that finding a way to store hairbands that doesn't involve them falling, stretching, or breaking, is like finding a unicorn in your backyard - mmkay maybe that's a bit overboard but you get the picture. Throwing them all into a narrow basket has worked out pretty well for us.  


The bottom part of the cabinet holds the "unsightly" extras like toilet paper, air freshener and a couple of plastic containers I use for my kids bath toys. 




Here's a quick look at my messy master bathroom cabinet before, and a shot of it after the clean-out. 


I used fabric bins purchased on clearance (just $5 each!) and shipping tags from the office store to house everything. Then I divided it all into four categories: "Tools" (hair tools and such), "Overflow" (extra product from that Costco haul), "Body Care" & "Travel".


You can change your categories according to your needs and what you have, but this is what worked for us. 


The "Travel" bag (in red) holds only travel sized items that are also categorized into quart sized ziplocs (it just made storage easier). I have them seperated into "toothpaste", "mouthwash", "lotion", "shampoo", "deoderant", and "miscellaneous". This way it's easy to grab what you need when packing for a trip. 


FYI, I moved all of my bathroom cleaning supplies to the laundry closet. You know, to keep them from canoodling and running off with the toiletries. They're heartbroken but I think It's for the best this way. 


Happy Organizing!

- Sumaiya

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