The "Kid" Junk Drawer

April 7, 2016

We all have a junk drawer in our house. The place where you throw everything that deosn't... have a place.


And kids, being kids, have a LOT of junk. Markers, pencils, crayons, stickers, little toy cars, and piles and piles of artwork.


If your kids are anything like mine, they can crank out a new "masterpiece" several times in one sitting. Then you find yourself on the receiving end of 30 pieces of artwork that you have no idea what to do with. And that's just on a Monday!


If, during a cleaning spree you've ever accidentally thrown out something your kid thinks is valuable, you are likely familiar with the tantrum storm that unfolds when she discovers her treasure in the garbage can.


I've done that, and believe me, my girls have NOT let me forget it.


So to avoid any further incidents - and future therapy sessions - I created a Kid Junk Drawer in my kitchen. A place where my girls can store all that stuff they can't seem to part with, but deosn't have an actual "place" in our home. 



Use inexpensive trays to contain the clutter. The red paper tray and clear utensil trays are from the dollar store. The pink pencil box is from last year's school shopping spree. 


Configure your trays so everything fits and is accessible. Then let the kids sort through their valuables and fill categorically.



In the back we have a few coloring books, artwork pages, and journals.


Coloring items (like colored pencils and crayons) are in the clear tray on the left, and pencils and erasers are in the clear tray on the right.


The pink supply box holds scissors, stickers, tiny notebooks, and several other knick-knack items that don't fit anywhere else. 


The empty space in the very front of the drawer holds my girls' newest obsession: prank iPhone's that squirt water. LOL. Actually I think I need one of those!


Happy Organizing!

- Sumaiya


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