Fridge Photo & Art Display - 5 Minute Organization

May 5, 2017

Our fridge is one of the catch-all's for my kids artwork. They can crank out a stack of "masterpieces" every other day and like most children, prefer to hang their work proudly for all to see.


In addition, we have stashes of artwork, letters, and crafts all over the house: a drawer in the master bedroom houses all their sweet notes to me or my husband; a memento box for each of them that's bursting at the seams with school work, artwork and crafts; the walls of their bedroom which are covered with taped-on drawings and doodles, and their bookshelf and desk hide even more of the same; their junk drawer that's stuffed with sketches, watercolors, and small crafts; and finally the fridge which is covered from top to bottom with art projects, self-portraits, drawings, and photos. 


It's seriously becomes too much to handle, and sometimes I wish I'd never passed on my artsy-fartsy gene to my tiny Picassos. Kidding! Their little drawings and doodles melt my heart and I love seeing how much they've progressed in their creativity over the years.


I gotta admit though, stashing all their artwork has proved to be super tricky! I'll get into how I organize the rest of their artwork and crafts in another post. Because today, I'd like to focus on organizing that part of the house your kids have likely conquered as their display wall: the fridge. Here are some tips and tools to corral every little crayon stroke in one place. 


1. Use the side of your fridge instead of the front, if possible. This keeps the front of your fridge looking clean, and the rest of your kitchen looking uncluttered.



2. Use dollar store magnetic clamps to hold papers together, instead of individual magnets for each art piece. Put your child's most recent work at the top. This keeps artwork from getting out of hand while still letting you and your child revel in their creativity.


3. Put "messy" artwork into gallon size ziploc bags. It'll keep those glitters, pompoms, and other little craft items from falling off and onto your kitchen floor. 



4. Use a small container to house extra magnets. Those magnetic letters your kid is so obsessed with can get everywhere! Put them in a dollar store basket and clamp it on the fridge with dollar store magnetic clamps to make it easy for your child to use and even easier to put away. Or do what I did and use what you have! I had an old juice-box holder that wasn't being used, and converted it into a drop zone for extra magnets. Any small container is perfect, use what works for you. 




5. Display sweet family photos and school pictures in clear magnetic photo holders. I bought these from our local 5 & 10 store for about $1.50 each. They come in three different sizes and keep photos looking new and edges from becoming curled or frayed. 


I hope you enjoyed my tips for displaying and organizing your child's artwork and photos on your fridge. Feel free to share some of your tips down below!


Happy Organizing!


                          - Sumaiya  




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