Hijabi Hacks Week: The DIY No-Snag Safety Pin

May 8, 2017


I'm super excited about this week's blog posts! I'll be sharing some clever and easy hijab-centered hacks that I hope you'll find useful. 


Today's post is a little DIY that just takes five just minutes to do! As a hijabi, I have lots of scarves I wear and love. In the past, I've had to discard many of them because they got torn to pieces from safety pins pulling on their delicate threads.


Believe me, I've tried all the no-snag methods out there: Those oval shaped "supposedly" no-snag pins that are found at every Muslim-owned business (including halal meat stores sometimes, who knew?) they always tend to snag anyway. 


The bead-in-the-pin trick where the bead tends to roll off before you can even put your scarf on. 


The back-of-the-earring-in-the-pin trick which sometimes works but requires you to buy the earring backs in bulk (because, as hijabi's we have about 100 safety pins lying around!).


None of these have worked as well as this little trick I came up with many years ago. 



* 1-2 cheap makeup sponges

* Your arsenal of safety pins

* A pair of scissors


Cut your sponge lengthwise and crosswise, into small squares.


Smush the little squishy squares onto your safety pins. Honestly, just stick them onto every safety pin you own. Believe me, it works SO well that even your delicate hijabs won't snag. I've been doing this for four years, and I haven't had a single pin-related shredding. Whoo!


And... done! I told you it only takes five minutes! 


Q of the Day: What's one hijab hack you can't live without? 


Happy Organizing!

          - Sumaiya



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