Hijabi Hacks Week: Hijab Storage

May 10, 2017


If you're like me, then you probably have a LOT of scarves. After my recent closet purge (more on that later) I still had a ton of hijabs left over that I loved too much to part with. For these lovelies I had to find a way to store everything where it wouldn't get wrinkled or smell musty. My scarves would also need to be very visible so I would remember to use all of them, and my method had to be space efficient as I don't own a huge closet.


Your closet size and the amount of clothes you have in it will determine whether you choose to hang or fold your scarves. And the type of material your hijab is made of can further help you decide the exact method you will use to store it. Over the years I've tried multiple ways of storing my scarves, some worked and many didn't - these are my absolute favorite tips to keep your scarves looking fresh, wrinkle free, and totally visible. 



#1. Hanging Methods

Hijabs made of thick or semi-thick fabrics such as cotton, polyester or light wool can be hung, folded, or rolled. Most of my hijabs are made of cotton or a lightweight polyester so I chose to hang them using a cascading blouse hanger ($8) like the one below. I originally bought them for use with dress shirts and blouses but I found these items cumbersome to take out. However when I laid my hijabs on it I realized it was the perfect combination of space and visibility. The soft rubber that covers the metal hangers grips my hijabs and keeps them from slipping off. I've recently also found straight sided hangers ($15) made specifically for scarves. They're a bit pricier but work in the very same way.



#2. Folding Methods

If you're short on hanging space or just prefer to keep your scarves in drawers, then I strongly suggest rolling them and standing them up for better visibility. When we stack clothing items it becomes hard to see what's underneath. But when we stand our clothes upright it makes them easier to see, and has the added benefit of freeing up more space. Here, I've used an extra cardboard box I had lying around as a scarf divider in my drawer.


You can use all kinds of containers, such as old shoe boxes, or these super easy collapsible drawers ($1) from the dollar store to keep your scarves from spilling over. The roll-and-stand method works best with hijabs that have a sturdy material such as cotton, polyester or the like because they the material is sturdy enough to stand on its own when an item is taken out. Drawer boxes or dividers keep items contained and minimize wrinkles as well. 



#3. Delicate Scarves

If you have scarves that are made of delicate or soft materials such a satin, silk, or viscose then I recommend using a tighter hanging method or flat rolling them. Because materials like these are quite slippery, they require a smaller surface area to keep them from falling all over the place. In addition, it becomes hard to fold silky scarves because they never stay in place. When you take one scarf out from a folded stack, the whole pile tends to fall apart.


IKEA's Komplement Hanger ($6) is a great solution because it keeps silky scarves in place and visible. You can also roll your soft hijabs and layer them one on top of another using these cute Skubb Drawer Boxes from IKEA - $7 for a pack of 6 (my favorite is the white!). Or these great drawer dividers from Dream Drawers ($16) because they fit snugly and keep everything neat and tidy. And if you want to take your hijab organization to the next level, you can separate your scarves by color or category: prints/solids or neutrals/brights/prints or pinks/blues/greens/darks etc. Beautiful and easy!


I hope you enjoyed today's hack. I can't wait to share my next hijabi hack with you!


Happy Organizing!

          - Sumaiya


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